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Dion Research Surveys

Data Science is not about algorithms or metrics. It is irrelevant to the business if the way to get the answer to a question is a Monte Carlo simulation, a linear regression, a Random Forest classifier, or a Convolutional Neural Network. It is about solving business problems. But it does require some data.

     "Data Science is not about algorithms or metrics. It is about solving business problems" - Francois Dion

If your business doesn't have any data relevant to the problem at hand, a boutique Data Science consultancy is a good partner to advise you on the acquisition of relevant data. Too many times, we've seen customers acquiring expensive third party data, especially for demographics, only to discover that the data didn't help any decision making, or worse, increased the errors of the prediction models they were using.

Sometimes, acquiring the right data can only be done through a survey. This requires preparing a protocol for the survey, designing a questionnaire, testing it, conducting the interviews, compiling the results and analyzing them. Dion Research can design and conduct these for you and provide you with the results.

The following surveys are available:
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